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Can you believe the year is almost over!!! How many times have you heard that in the last couple of weeks? YES 2018 is nearly here, however there are still over 30 beautiful days of 2017 to embrace and enjoy! YES let’s look at how far we have come, but what else can we achieve right now to finish the year with a BANG?

Before we start thinking about our resolutions what can we do to POWER ON for the next 30 days?

Let’s get productive

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed right now knowing how much is to be completed before we pack up work and head into Christmas holidays. How can we get our work done faster? If we can accomplish more in less time, we can free up hours for projects or interests we haven’t had time to consider or have been sitting on the to do list for most of 2017! Let’s eliminate time wasters such as; excessive email checking, scrolling through our Facebook feeds, or playing Solitaire and regain some valuable hours that we can use for completion. A clean slate ready for 2018!

Set yourself up

Could you learn a new skill over the Christmas holidays that will make 2018 even more successful? In that quiet time between Christmas and 31st December could you finish reading that book that has been sitting at your bedside? Fill your December action planner with anything that is going to set you up for a powerful start to the New Year or allow you to feel a sense of completion.

Meet new Dream Team members

Is there someone you would love to get to know better, but you’ve never made the effort? Maybe it’s a colleague at work, or someone in your network. What can you do to get to know the person better and create a new relationship? Perhaps you could sit down for coffee with them and see if there is anything you could support each other with in the New Year, you never know you might just find yourself a new Dream Team member!

Keep it balanced

Don’t start the New Year feeling sluggish and behind the mark. With infinite holiday parties and lavish meals at this time of year, it can be tempting to engage in some serious over-indulging. These choices you make over the next 30 days are paramount, as you don’t want to start the 2018 with diminished motivation, feeling sluggish and disappointed. It is absolutely ok to enjoy the festive season and to eat as much Christmas Pavlova as you want, however remember your exercise routine too. Stay hydrated as well during these hot summer days and get enough sleep around all of the holiday parties. It is all about momentum so that you can launch yourself into 2018 feeling fabulous and ON! Having an amazing New Year is all about having a fantastic and well-thought-out fourth quarter.

Game on

It’s up to us to step up and get the most out of these last magical 30 days! How can we step up, show up and play the game at a higher level? Who do we need to become to make 2018 our best year yet? Who do we need to become to see out 2017 feeling proud and inspired?

What’s your Power On plan for the rest of 2017?

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Roy McDonald
Written by Roy McDonald

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